Terms and conditions

We are a legally incorporated travel agency in Nepal. We abide by all the rules and regulations that Nepal Government has enforced on the tourism agency. Before booking a trip with us, we request you to kindly go through our terms and conditions. By assessing this site, we assume that you have gone through our terms and conditions carefully and agree with them. All the bookings with us are under the following terms and conditions. Therefore, go through the terms and conditions outlines below carefully.

General booking conditions

When you book a trip with us, you will have to fill a booking form and provide a copy of your valid passport along with 20% of the total trip cost. This cost is nonrefundable in case you cancel your trip. If you are on a Nepal trip, then you can pay the remaining amount upon your arrival in Kathmandu city. however, if you have opted for Tibet tour or Bhutan tour, you will have to make full payment of trip cost at least 20 days before your trip date.

Payment methods

There are two methods through which you can make payment. You can either transfer through wire/ swift or you can use your credit card for payment. We shall provide you the Bank code, swift details or bank account details upon request.

Last minute bookings

We even accept last minute booking for Nepal tour and treks. However, in case of Bhutan and Tibet tour, last minute booking is not possible. There should be at least 15 days’ time for us to arrange for your visa, permits, transport and accommodation.

Postponing your trip

If you cannot be a part of your trip as per your booking, you can postpone your trip. In this case, you have to give a written notice of at least 30 days before your travel date. We shall charge you USD 150 for postponing your trip and it shall be the cancelation cost that we had to pay for other service providers with whom we had booked for you. Postposing the trip doesn’t make us liable to refund the remaining trip cost. We do not refund the amount but you can book other trips for some other time with us with that money. In case of postponing Tibet and Bhutan tour, the charge shall be determined by our Tibet and Bhutan travel partners.

Trip cancellation

For cancelling any kind of trip booked with us, you have to provide a written notice 15 days before your travel date. Even cancellation of trip id subject to a charge of USD 150. We do not have provision of refunding the remaining amount. However, you may use the amount for any other trips with us in coming future.

In case of Tibet and Bhutan trip cancellation, cancellation fee shall be 50% and 20% of trip cost respectively. Like in Nepal tour, the remaining amount is not refundable but you may use the amount for any other trips with us in coming future.

Incomplete tour

If a tour couldn’t be complete due to any issues from customer’s side, we shall not be liable for any kinds of refund of trip cost.

Unforeseen circumstances

During the trip, any unforeseen circumstances might come cross. If we couldn’t complete the tour/trip due to any unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters or other circumstances, we will not be not be liable for any kinds of refund of trip cost. However, we can arrange a next best alternate trip for you.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory if you are travelling to Nepal with us.

Flight cancellation or delay

Mostly in monsoon and winter season, flight cancellation or delay are common in Nepal. We never know when weather may go bad and flight cancellation or delays may occur. Therefore, we recommend you to keep at least a day extra for any contingency situations. Carry money with you just in case of any emergency/ contingency situations.

Price change

If price changes drastically due to any situations like change in government policies, exchange rate or any unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to change our quoted price whenever necessary.

Personal belongings

Your personal belongings are on your own. You are liable to keep it safe during the travel. We shall not bear for any kind of loss caused to your personal belongings.


You are bound by our terms and conditions when you book a trip with us directly. If you have booked a trip with us through any agents or third party, you shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the agents or third party not us.

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