Essential Equipments

Have you already booked a trip to Nepal and are a halfway into preparing for the trip? Are you wondering about the gadgets and equipments that you should carry while on a trip to Nepal? If yes, then you are on the right page. We are here to help you up with packing for your upcoming journey to Nepal.

We have listed almost all the necessary items required for trekking in Nepal. However, you may choose items from the list based on the type of trek you are going for, based on the difficulty level and according to the season you have chosen to travel. Packing for your trip is purely a judgement act to perform.

If you forget to pack anything in last hour, do not panic. There are many stores around Thamel area in Kathmandu that offer the necessary trekking equipments. You can either buy or hire them. The equipments available in Kathmandu are either locally manufactured or imported from China. You can trust the quality of those items available in the market.

It’s always a wise option to travel as light as possible. A porter generally carries up to 25 kg for two persons i.e.12.5 kg for each traveler. So, pack you bag keeping these things on mind.

Your checklist should comprise of following items:

General items:

Water proof Duffel or Rucksack bag/ Day pack/ Down Jacket/ 4 seasons’ Sleeping bag – a sleeping bag that can handle low (minus degree) temperature

Specific items

  • For head – a sun hat/ scarf / Sunglasses with UV protection/ Light balaclava/ warm fleece hat
  • For feet – Thin/ thick lightweight and warm wool hiking socks/ Hiking boots/ camp shoes/ few spare laces/ Camp shoes/ sneakers / sandals
  • For hands – Lightweight/ heavyweight gloves
  • For lower body – Under Garments, hiking shorts, Lightweight cotton long pants, thermal bottoms, wool pants, waterproof pants
  • For upper body – T-shirts, thermal tops, fleece jacket, Waterproof shell jacket


Headlamp, spare bulbs, batteries, trekking Bags, duffel bag, First Aid Kit, Large plastic bags, Day pack, Trekking Poles, Water bottle, Ear Plug, etc


Tooth brush/paste, multipurpose soap, nail cutter, small mirror, personal hygiene, wet wipes, Tissue /toilet roll, Anti-bacterial hands wash

Extra items

Binoculars, Reading book, trail Map, Guide book, journal & pen, pencils, mall notebooks, etc.

*Note – You can even get the equipments on hire in some shops around Thamel area. If you think the equipments is not necessary for you in long term and can adjust with rented equipments for few days, you can opt for renting the equipments instead of buying it. Make a cost benefit analysis before making a decision on buying or renting.

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