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So, what is trekking?

Basically, trekking means going on a long journey on foot. It’s a kind of walking along the trail that undulates up and down with beautiful views of mother nature all around. A general trek in Nepal goes through some lush forests and ethnic villages to some vantage points or base camps that offers the stunning views of mountains at its best. There are many routes for trekking that takes you to the different locations in Nepal. You can choose the best trek that suits your lust for nature and adventure.

Why should we trek?

Trekking is an awesome form of exercise where you can exhilarate your body and have fun at the same time. It’s a way of bringing peace to mind. Every day, we are busy with our hectic schedule. Trekking acts as a break from the hectic routine to some remote destinations with pristine air, mountain views and mother nature at her best. It’s also a way of travelling and getting some wonderful insights on people, their culture, custom and lifestyle. Eat, pray and travel as you get to some fascinating places while on trek.

What is the best time for trekking?

In general, spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are considered to be the best time for trekking in Nepal. During this time of year, the weather is clear, dry and moderate. One can have spectacular views of mountains, hills and valleys. In spring, one can enjoy walking through the amazing forests full of flower blossom.  Even in monsoon and winter, you can trek to some lower regions of Nepal. But the weather is wet in monsoon and cold in winter. There are different kinds of treks available if you are travelling in different seasons in Nepal.

What are the types of trek based on accommodation?

Camping Trek and Teahouse Trek are two kinds of treks categorized on the basis of accommodation during the trek. Camping Trek refers to staying on a private tents set up by guides and porters. The potters cook food by themselves and feed you. It is generally practiced in off beaten trek route where accommodation is not available. Teahouse trekking refers to that kind of trek where one stays in guesthouses and lodges for accommodation during the trek. The rooms in teahouses are clean, comfortable and on a twin sharing basis. Food is also available in the teahouses. Attached bathroom are not available but the bathrooms are clean. Hot water is available on demand on the teahouses.

What types of food are served during the trek?

In teahouse trek, the food (three board meals) will be available at the guesthouse. And if you opt for camping trek, the food will be prepared by the porter (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Generally, the food available in guesthouses are a fixed menu. But you can choose varieties of items from the fixed menu. From typical Nepali Cuisine (Dal, Bhat, Tarkari) to foods like Chowmein, Mo:Mo, pizza, French fries, sandwich, etc, various options are available. However, it is recommended to opt for typical Nepali vegetarian food as it will be freshly prepared and is good for health. Non veg items are discouraged as far as possible. Its highly recommended to opt for a vegetarian diet while on trek.

For water, try drinking mineral water as far as possible. You can also take boiled water from the guesthouses and purify it with iodine. Do not drink the random water from taps. It may not suit your immune system.

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