Travel Security & Insurance

Travelling is more fun and carefree with travel security. When we travel, we are more concerned about our safety and security in the new places. We are totally unaware of the present scenario in any new places, so it’s always a wise decision to research a bit on the security aspects of the place where we are travelling.

In general, we get a lot of queries regarding the present scenario of Nepal i.e. the safety and security aspects while travelling to Nepal. And, we assure them that Nepal is a secure travel destination. You do not have to worry about any chaos or unnecessary security concerns.

In past, Nepal was politically unstable. There used to be strikes and conflicts throughout the country. But after the recent election, Nepal is now politically stable. There are almost no strikes or riots happening in this country. From political point of view, Nepal is now safe for travel. Even Nepalese government is introducing 2020 as a tourism year and is putting every effort to make it a huge success.

It’s always wise to go through the new channels to get a recent update on Nepal.

Some general advices to the travelers:

  • Travel insurance is mandatory
  • Do not travel alone as far as possible. Solo travelling along long trekking routes through the difficult geographical conditions is highly discouraged.
  • Before trekking, register your name and other info with your concerned embassy.
  • Obtain travel permits before travelling to any places inside Nepal.
  • Passport, tickets and travel permits should always be with you.
  • Altitude sickness can be a problem in high altitudinal regions. Do not ignore any kind of symptoms and ensure safety measures. Proper acclimatization is a must.
  • Opting for a local transportation can be quite hectic.
  • Avoid drinking random water from tap. Use mineral bottle or boiled water purified with iodine for drinking purpose.
  • City area is dusty and polluted. It is recommended to carry a mask for your safety.
  • Carry a mask during your travel in the cities to protect yourself from dust.
  • Its recommended to carry a general first aid kit with necessary medicines.

Beware of

  • Some innocent looking women and children who ask money.
  • Saints who offer tiks and ask for money.
  • Gem stone dealers and other souvenir dealers.
  • Some souvenirs may cost you a lot due to heavy taxes at custom.
  • Thieves, thugs and pick pocket.

Nepal is a safe country for travelling and having fun. A little precaution can help you make your travel even better.

Travel Insurance

When you are travelling to a country like Nepal, travel insurance is a must. There are probabilities of flight delays and cancellation. Even in case of emergency rescues at high altitudinal regions, any kind of illness on the way, travel insurance can be a wise decision. While travelling, any unforeseen circumstances may come across. To prepare ourselves for those instances, travel insurance becomes a must.

We recommend you to have a travel insurance that covers both medical and emergency evacuation cost. An insurance of minimum USD 100,000 is recommended. It’s better to be insured than taking risk without any back up plan.

So, ensure yourself and travel without any worries.

There are many multinational insurance companies that offer travel insurance. Choose the one that is convenient for you.

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