Privacy Policy

If you are concerned with how your personal identification information is used online, our privacy policy helps you understand how we collect your information, use, handle and protect them. Please go through our privacy policy to have a clear understanding on the information use and its protection.

What information do we collect from you?

As per our – Know your customer policy, whenever a client books a trip with us, we collect certain information that helps us identify our client. This information is required by us whenever you book any trip with us. It is necessary for booking hotels and obtaining air tickets, visa and travel permits. We assure you about the confidentiality of information provided to us. Your trust will be reciprocated. So, basically, we will require following information from you:

  • Your identification document
  • The document should include your name, address, age, birthdate, email address and phone number. It helps us verify that it is actually you.
  • A copy of your passport
  • We cross verify all the information with your passport
  • The passport will be shared with concerned authorities who provide visa and travel permits.
  • Your email address may be used to mail you or update you with our weekly/ monthly newsletters.

In case there is any kind of information with us that you would like to change, please inform us. We shall update the information in our database.

When do we collect information from you?

As soon as you register on our site, inquire about the packages or book a trip with us, we collect information from you. You will have to fill up a form prescribed by us in our site.

How do we use the information?

  • To fulfill your queries with us
  • To improve your website experience with us
  • It allows us to serve our customers promptly on request
  • To promote and feature product or conduct any survey
  • To process with any transactions
  • To update you with new information

What are the steps that we take for information security?

We use malware scanning regularly to detect internet vulnerabilities if any. The information provided by you are safety stored in our database/ server. There is no access to the information to anyone unless one has a valid reason for obtaining the information. Even our staff do not have access to that information.

Do we collect some unspecified information?

Sometimes we may use some of your general information. It may be for company’s promotion or site promotion. Sometimes while upgrading the website, your information might be used to improve your personal experience with our website. Even for google analytics, our cookies may track your location, number of views, date, time, browser, etc. it’s just to learn about your taste and preferences and improve your website experience with us.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies. Cookies are actually a small files used by the sites to recognize your browser. It helps our website recognize if you had entered to our site and surfed through the internet earlier. It helps the website recognize you, your taste and preferences in our site for the nest time when you visit our website. It’s just for information and survey purpose. It helps us improve our clients personal experience while going through our site.

Links on our website

There may be external links in our website. If you mistakenly navigate to other external sites through our site, then just remember that the site opened by you is not under our privacy policy. They may have their own policy that governs their site. So, be careful when you navigate to other sites.

Policy renewal

Our privacy policy is subject to change. We reserve our right to change or renew or privacy policy whenever necessary.

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