Our Team

Everest Hiking Service

Mr. Sanjaya Pokharel

He is the founder of Everest Hiking Service Pvt. Ltd. Born in the lap of Himalayas, the mountains and its natural glory always allured him.

Mr. Rabin Nepal

He has been a part of Everest Hiking Service Pvt. Ltd. since its starting phase. He is a backend member of our team who looks after all the administrative works inside the company.

Mrs. Rama Pandey

She looks after all the finance related works of the company. From managing receipts to payments, She is always up to the mark when it comes to her job.

Mrs. Sarada Parajuli

Jovial in nature, she has been a part of Everest Hiking Services Pvt. Ltd. since its establishment.

Mr. Passang Sherpa

He is a licensed Nepalese guide and a professional person. Friendly and responsible in nature, he is well acquainted with the trekking routes, local people and places which make it easy for anyone to travel with him.

Mr. Rajendra Pokharel

A young and enthusiastic person who is passionate about traveling. He had entered into the field of tourism at a very young age.

Mr. Hemraj Limbu

He comes from one of the beautiful rural villages in Nepal. He stepped in the field of tourism due to his interest in culture, religion, and history.

Mr. Bijaya Pokharel

He was born in one of the most beautiful villages of Nepal. Nature, its glory, and lushness compelled him to work in the field of tourism. .

Mr. Hem Kumar Gurung

He is an emerging guide who is working with Everest Hiking Services Pvt. Ltd. as a porter. He coordinates with the main trekking guide and escorts people to their dream destination.

Mr. Sudip Parajuli

He has been engaged with Everest Hiking Services Pvt. Ltd. since the starting of the company. He is a guide cum porter.

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