How to Book

We welcome you to book a trip with us!

If you have made up your mind to travel to Nepal and are interested to choose us as your travel companion, book a trip with us. It’s very easy to book a trip with us. But before booking a trip, we recommend you to go through our terms and conditions carefully.

Points to remember while booking a trip with us:

  • Please read the trip overview, itinerary and cost include exclude sections of the trip booked by you.
  • Make sure that you read every point in our terms and condition sections.
  • If you have any queries related to our terms and conditions, you can write to us. We will clarify you the points in detail.
  • Make sure that you clarify all your queries to avoid any kind of misunderstanding in future.

Steps to be followed to book a trip with us

  1. We provide you an application form. Please fill the details in the form.
  2. After filling the form, we will ask you form some identification documents. Provide us the documents as per your convenience.
  3. Finally, make a payment to book your trip.
  4. For payment, you can pay through two different modes:
  • Transfer the amount through wire/swift
  • Pay through credit card

For more details regarding the form and payment procedures, you can write to us in our email or contact us directly through a call.

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